On Screen Ads

Onscreen Advertising

Advertise at the Crest with an Onscreen ad for your Business!

The Crest Theatre in Superior, Nebraska is venturing into the world of advertising and has decided to offer businesses the opportunity to advertise on the movie screen as part of the previews prior to the scheduled movie.

  • Ads will be shown at least 12 times per month
  • An “Ad Image” will be 10 seconds in length, or an “Ad Video” will be 15 seconds in length
  • Contract term is for Twelve (12) months
  • An initial design cost is $50 for all new advertisers. An “Ad Image” can be designed by SNAC, however all “Ad Videos” must be created by the Advertiser.
  • Design changes made to an existing ad during contract terms or contract renewal will be $50
  • Cost for ads are:
  • Ad Image:                   $250               
  • Ad Video:                    $750
  • Initial Design Cost:      $50
  • Design Change:           $50
  • Contract deadlines are December 1st
  • New ads will start running on January 1st; allowing for a one month setup time from December 1st.
  • Submission of a Business Card, JPEG file, or Vector Logo Artwork is preferred for all “Ad Images”. Below is a sample ad outlining the preferred dimensions:
  • Submission of a MP4 file is preferred for an “Ad Video”

Template for Crest image ads

NOTE:  It is the intention of the Southern Nebraska Arts Council to have each ad shown two (2) times before each movie or at least twenty-four (24) times per month.  This will depend on the number of advertising contracts received.


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