About S.N.A.C

Information about the Southern Nebraska Arts Council (operators of the Crest Theatre).

The stated purposes of the organization are to promote the arts in Nuckolls County, Nebraska and the surrounding area through educational and community activities and events focused on the arts, through the renovation, maintenance and operation of the Crest Theatre, and through the solicitation of gifts, grants and bequests for the support of these facilities.    The organization plans a number of activities, including the following:

a) Renovating and operating the Crest Theatre in Superior, Nebraska, that will be used for movies and other events related to the performing arts;

b) Organizing programs to promote arts activities in the Nuckolls County area such as art contests and art education;

c) Organizing and supporting local dramas and performances;

d) Promoting the organization and its programs through participation in community events (parades, fairs, etc.); and

e) Soliciting gifts and support for the programs of the organization.

We’re working behind the scenes to modernize your local theatre.

The SNAC Board of Directors:

Please feel free to contact any SNAC Board Member with questions or comments.  Email us at: info@cresttheatre.org

Members are:

Susan Peterson President 402.879.5482
Bob Leibel – Vice President 402.879.1509
Ged Leibel – Secretary 402.879.5497
Teresa Sullivan – Treasurer 402.879.8003
Missy Hayes – Director 402.879.1285
Brandon Blecha – Director 402.879.8905
Diane Littrell – Director 785.738.0295
Floyd Rothfuss – Director 402.651.3726
Shanel Rempe – Director
Teresa Erickson – Director
Heather Cox – Director

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